Wuxi south spring dongwu chemical equipment factory

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    • Ptfe bellows cauldron-using machinery seals
    • End face specific pressure adjustable cauldron-using machinery seal
    • High pressure reaction kettle mechanical seals
    • Glass coating kettle with mechanical seals
    • 206Type mechanical seal
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  Springs of south dongwu chemical equipment factory in wuxi city, jiangsu province(The former kunshan seal factory)Mechanical seal is a kind of oil to solve、Chemical industry、Fertilizer、Mechanism、Printing and dyeing、Metallurgy、System 、Made the paint flow departments of various mechanical axis、Risk、Drops、Leakage。The use of mechanical seal can be fully automated production,Help to save energy and materials,Secure them、Pollution prevention、The benefit of future generations。 Our factory is located in the south of XiShan10Km south of springs,South near taihu lake blue waves, white,West meets the wuxi taihu lake scenic area、Studio,Beijing north close to the Shanghai railway、312National highway and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal,Wuxi airport east connection、Water、Lu、Air transportation is very convenient。 Our factory production of mechanical seal is a professional manufacturer,The registered trademark is"The secret"Brand,Has the abundant technical force,Detection equipment is complete,Pay attention to quality、Strict management,Goods are superior in quality,Product sales across。