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Focus on textile fabrics handle finishing
High cost performance,The professional team

High cost performance

Adopted by the onstar textile auxiliary raw materials are imported materials,Factory direct sale,Home furnishings,High performance-price ratio

The professional team

Professional technical personnel to guide,Standard textile fabrics production workshop

Superior performance

Onstar textile auxiliaries,Stable performance,Can effectively improve the properties of textile products

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Professional customer service one-on-one telephone guide,Instant response of quality after-sales service
Superior performance,High-quality after-sales

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Dongguan onstar chemical co., LTD

Dongguan onstar chemical co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in Europe、The United States、Environmental protection lotion, senior wool、Silicone oil extractSmoothing agent、Printing and dyeing auxiliaries、Wash water raw materials wholesale sweater、Sales、Service in a body comprehensive enterprise,Since set up in line with the company“Technological innovation、The pragmatic and enterprising、Quality assurance”The aim of and“Take the customer as the center,Put the service do place”Business philosophy won the trust of customers and good reputation。The company all products are first-hand imported raw materials,Have obvious advantages in price and quality,Combined with a professional technical personnel to guide,Will make the customer satisfied with the experience。The best-selling products are high-grade fabric handle classes、Net washing class、Reserving class、Macular decontamination finishing, such as the variety is complete...


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    About the special effects to dirty oil

    Special decontamination oils is a water-based complex mixture of organic and inorganic chemicals,Is to use“Emulsification”“Saponification”The principle and development of new industrial oil。



    Parsing the classification and function of textile auxiliaries

    In recent years,Textile auxiliary industry and the market is developing rapidly at home and abroad。At present,The industry of textile auxiliaries have not unified classification method。In general,According to the final application can be divided into the pretreatment auxiliaries for textile(Including spinning weaving with agent)、Printing and dyeing auxiliaries(Including the printing and dyeing auxiliaries、Printing auxiliaries)And finishing auxiliaries,Also some preparation agent listed separately。



    Basic knowledge of the fixing agent

    Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliary dyeing and printing industry,It can improve the dye fastness to wet processing fastness on the fabric used in fertilizer。On the fabric and dyes can be formed insoluble coloured material and improve the washing color、The fastness to perspiration,Sometimes the sunlight fastness can be improved。



    About to rust

    Method of use:1、Manual cleaning,Must wear gloves to go to rust water besmear to rust and then turn the hand washing or machine wash,Play in case of rust,Use should be repeated several times,Reoccupy soap powder reduction。

  • News and information

    How to use the smoothing agent?

    The instructions on smoothing agent:When using can be directly to the required concentration diluted with hot water or cold water。The temperature45℃―55℃For the best。Pad or soaking process all can use, The fabric after on this product, Cannot be washed before drying。Reference usage is generally fabric weight5―10%, Or in accordance with the requirements of different types of fabric quality, and the appropriate increase or decrease。



    The textile auxiliaries-Fixing agent

    A、Define the fixing agent was one of the important auxiliary dyeing and printing industry。Can improve the fastness to wet processing of the dyes on the fabric。Dyes can form insoluble color on the fabric,In order to improve the fabric color washing、Khan, dyeing fastness,Sometimes also can improve the fastness to suntan。2、Classification of common fixation agent with cationic quaternary ammonium salt,Such as cetyl pyridine chloride、Hexadecyl pyridine bromide、Propylene double(Sixteen alkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride);The amine-Formaldehyde resin type dicyandiamide formaldehyde



    The safety of the textile auxiliaries

    Fangzhizhuji the security requirement of additives selection in textile industry is necessary。This paper introduces the basic safety requirements in today's textile auxiliaries。(1)NoVOC(No volatile organic compounds);(2)NoFAOr lowFA(Formaldehyde-free or low formaldehyde);(3)NoDS(No dangerous chemicals);(4)NoEH(No environmental hormones);(5



    Smoothing agent composition analysis and its application

    What is smooth agent?Stiffening agent is a kind commonly used in the process of textile textile auxiliaries。With leading formula synthesis technology at home and abroad。It belongs to a kind of novel and unique textile smoothing agent。Application of smoothing agent at present is mainly used for animal fibers and wool、Cashmere blended fabric, etc。Smoothing agent itself can be emulsified and not leave staining。But cannot be used to wash silk products。It has soft silicone soft additives、Smooth、Plump and excellent properties,Good elasticity

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