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    • Shenzhen longgang district depot furniture building materials exhibition center on the second floor(Star don and room)
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Shenzhen city star tang tatami wood products co., LTD

The bedroom tatami,The study tatami,The living room couch couch rice customization

Shenzhen tatami factory(Manager zhu)Focus on the bedroom tatami、The study tatami、The living room couch couch rice custom-made、Small family tatami decoration,Shenzhen star tang tatami wood products co., LTD. Japanese tatami custom experts around you。

Shenzhen city star tang tatami wood products co., LTD. Is a focus of shenzhen tatami decoration、Shenzhen tatami elevator manufacturers、Shenzhen tatami wood products factory、Shenzhen tatami,Supply tatami decorates material,Including the elevator、Lattice door、F SiMa、Solid wood wardrobe、And room chair、And ventricular lights and related products。

The company take“And room”The essence of the culture style combining with the characteristics of our country people's life,Cleverly put it into a bedroom、Teahouse、Lounge、The study, etc,Complete functions of the living room。It can be independent in a room in modern family、A corner of the hall、The attic、Terrace、The position such as balcony,Room but can small,Adjust measures to local conditions to form independent exotic scenery decorate,To provide a leisure quiet harbour you tense life。

A cup of tea,Little gathering,Have a rest,Entertainment,Simplify your life,Add your love of life。Welcome to choose and buy,Zero sales,Wholesale,In groups!

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