The royal88Entertainment platform derived from growth in the Mediterranean Sea and the oak skin of qinling mountain area in our country,Known as“Soft gold”Said。The royal88Entertainment platform floor is made of oak skin after processed,MoreWith low density、Can be compressed、Elastic、Don't breathe freely、Across the water、Moisture proof、Oil resistant、Acid、Vibration reduction、Sound insulation、Heat insulation、Flame retardant、Insulation、A series of excellent features such as wear-resisting,Set pampered,Is known as“The floor of the most quiet”、“The floor of the greenest”。

    The royal88Entertainment platform coil

          High-quality royal mainly in China88Particles and entertainment platform100%The flexibility of curing adhesive through special process,Can meet the Europe and the United States the most stringent inspection standards

    The royal88Entertainment platform floor

          Is made of oak skin after processed,More environmental protection、Sound insulation sex,Moistureproof effect will be better,Bring a person the foot feels good。The royal88Entertainment platform soft floor、Be quiet、Comfortable、Wear-resisting,For the elderly and children accidental falls,Provides great cushioning,Its unique sound-absorbing effect and the heat preservation performance is also very suitable for the bedroom、The conference room、The library、Studio etc,Is known as“The floor of the most quiet”、“The floor of the greenest”。

    Jane wood grain royal88Entertainment platform floor

          Unprecedented、The design of the beyond imagination,Inspiration comes from the royal88Entertainment platform and advantage of the unique natural wood texture。Meet consumers of real wood texture is loving and preference,Both break the royal88Entertainment platform design and color is the limitations of single floor,And retain the royal88Entertainment platform floor all of the unique advantages,Especially the heat preservation……

    The royalroyal88

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