About us

Hefei mei electric appliance co., ltd. is committed to“Mei(GEMEI)”Household brand、Commercial water purification equipment research and development and production,And for the family and school、The hospital、The station、Office buildings and other public places to provide safer drinking water solutions。 The company's main ultrafiltration machine、One direct drinking machine、Water purifier agents to join us、Reverse osmosis water purifier、High-end brand water purifier、Community vending machine、Village water purifier、Water purifiers wholesale、Water purifier quality brands、Intelligent water purifier、Water purifier、Vertical straight drink machine、Home straight drink machine and large water treatment equipment research and development of production and operation,At the same time to undertake joint production enterprisesOEM、ProcessingODMService。 2013Years,Mei into“Anhui water purification industry association vice-chairman unit”;2014Years,Mei electric appliance is evaluated“Water purification industry outstanding contribution enterprise”,And won“The national best-selling products brand”Award,The same year to become“China quality inspection association of professional committee of the water purification equipment, vice director of the unit”,And in2015Years is now“The standing director unit”。 Has always been,Mei in order to improve the people's drinking water safety problems,Relying on the excellent design、Research and development and manufacturing capabilities,A better life to the health of the people to provide more efficient solution。

The development course

  • 2011Years

    Company constantly introduce new products quickly to establish sales network,
    Product sales increase rapidly,Emerged in the water purification industry。

  • 2014Years

    Enterprise successful transformation and change。The company was awarded
    The water purification industry outstanding contribution enterprise”And“The product best-selling brand of the whole country”。

  • 2016Years

    4Month9In the day2015-2016The annual China enterprise of direct drinking water
    As research activities“2016China direct drinking water10Strong enterprises”。

  • 2009Years

    Hefei mei electric appliance co., LTD was formally established,
    Becoming the first enterprise in household water purification products production research and development in anhui province。


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