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Alibaba website has upgraded version of the membership service for the enterprise Open shop must have a business license Otherwise unable to authenticate. If the customer no license Channel account manager can help customers quickly to deal with(Free to take it) The types of license Individual size Individual industrial and commercial households(So-and-so e-commerce businesses So-and-so Factory XXX businesses, etc) Enterprise legal person type(XXX electronic commerce co., LTD XXX trading co., LTD So-and-so jewelry co., LTD, etc) 一站式快速解决客户需求

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Yiwu alibaba communication,Alibaba is the world's leadingB2BOn the e-commerce trade platform,To focus on for the small and medium-sized enterprises from all over the world provide efficient buyers and sellers、Reliable trading platform。For seven consecutive years rated by Forbes magazine“The best in the worldB2BWeb site”One of the。

Quality and credibility is the foundation of enterprise existence。We focus on the customer request of each,We give full consideration to every detail,We are actively do a good job in service,We strive to develop better field of vision,Through unremitting efforts,We won the good reputation in the industry,All of this,Also constantly inspire us better service to customers。

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