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Focus on research and development、Production、Sales of high density fiberboard、γ-Butyrolactone、N-Methyl pyrrolidone、N-Ethyl pyrrolidone、Formaldehyde!

        Puyang guangming group co., LTD. Was established in2002Years10Month,Located in the henan puyang city PuFan industrial concentration area,Is located in ,Is a collection research and development、Was born Production、Sales、Services for the integration of modern science and technology private enterprise。Group has in puyang light density board products…...

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Thin medium density fiberboard (MDF)(2-4.5mm)| In the thick density fiberboard(4.5-20mm)| γ-Butyrolactone| N-Methyl pyrrolidone| N-Ethyl pyrrolidone| Formaldehyde|

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He finds the king building industrial concentration area of puyang city of henan province

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