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  • Hefei jinyue pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Hefei jinyue pharmaceutical co., LTD
    Jinyue pharmaceutical group(To raise)Hefei jinyue pharmaceutical co., LTD is located in hefei economic development zone,With tablets、Capsule、Granules、Oral liquid、Syrup、Mixture、Dry suspension agent、Nine by dispersing agent and raw material of artificial bezoarGMPCertification of the production line,Existing product rules50More than one。 The company insist on implementation“Research and development for the source,The market as the premise”The development of the strategy,Adhering to the“Learning,Innovation,Concentric,Zhiyuan”The spirit of enterprise,Believe in“Gather the best medicine,Flat Kang Zhaomin”Business philosophy,Stick to it“Quality to create wealth,Professional achievements of the future”The quality policy。Continuous development and production of high-tech content,High market share,High value-added new products,Strive to be the competitive comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprise,Jinyue person's contribution for human health。 “In north-west 'really like iron,And...

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