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About us
  Miluo city, knitting equipment co., LTDLocated in the beautiful villager,Mainly engaged in knitting equipment development and production,Company independent development of the health card setting machine applied for multiple patents,Get a lot of new and old customers,Product marketing throughout the country and more than a dozen countries。Set up offices in zhejiang zhuji datang textile market,Convenient and serves the masses of customers。
  Health brand series of high temperature steam setting machine is my company combined with years of production experience in scientific research,Integrated the advantages of domestic and international similar products,To effectively solve environmental governance under fixed coal-fired boiler stop bad thin cotton socks、Silk stockings、Wet socks,Finalize the uneven drying,High temperature burning laszlo,Finalize the design product color after dark,White spot of yellowing of the problem and develop product design patent new products。Widely used in high low-grade socks,Underwear,Gloves,Pants,Hat textiles such as drying,Finalize the drying comprehensive cost is lower than in coal-fired boiler,Is the traditional pressure boiler... To check the details>>

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Miluo city, knitting equipment co., LTD
The service hotline:0730-3390456 0730-3211456
The phone:13973026757
The phone:13033692810
Address:Miluo city of hunan province labor south road64Number
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Mr Zhao:13758589119 The phone:0575-87710286
Address:Datang town, zhuji city, zhejiang province textile marketBArea940-941Number
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