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  Changsha ChangGang gas co., LTD,Steel belonged to changsha(Group)Co., LTD., oxygen plant。Is early oxygen producing enterprise in changsha city,Strong technical force,Have professional oxygen generation of high-quality engineering and technical personnel。Each production job employee,All pass、The municipal quality supervision department training、The inspection、The certificate,And then mount guard。The equipment is advanced,1995Years8Month28, obtained the production license,The hazardous chemicals business license in late stage。2001Years12Month3Enterprise restructuring。 In the company2005Years10Slow month purchase in xingsha Lang pear town village land,Investment4000Ten thousand yuan,From the original site of factory and construction as a whole。The total area8750Square meters,The geographical position is moderate,The transportation is convenient,With relatively close to the downtown。The factory around the beautiful environment,The air is fresh,No pollution,The atmospheric dust content is low。Clear overall layout function,Shunt,The smooth flow of traffic,Good production,Convenient management。The company now has oxygen plant、...

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Propane safety specifications

Preventive measures:Stay away from the heat source、A spark、Open flame、Hot surface。Using the tools do not produce sparks。Keep container closed。Anti-static measures,The container or equipment grounding、The connection。Use explosion-proof electric apparatus、Ventilation、Lighting and other equipment。According to the requirements...

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Changsha ChangGang gas co., LTD
Contacts:Mr Ho/Young lady
The phone:0731-86807757
Hotline:13907493806  15874976802
Production address:Changsha xingsha Lang Lang pear pear street industrial park
Sales address:Changsha xingsha Lang Lang pear pear street industrial park
Changsha city medical oxygen distribution service center:Changsha city island road138Number(Renmin road home run more)