Introduction to the enterprise

Shandong green fry new materials technology co., LTD. Is a new environmental protection building materials technology co., LTD;The company relies on the Internet+The new retail,By using big data、Artificial intelligence、3DCloud design and other technical means,Production of goods、Upgrading circulation and sales process,Digital management。And online services、Offline experience in-depth integration and brand service,Committed to reshape the structure of wall cloth forms and ecosystem,For ordinary Chinese green environmental protection,Health durable interior wall decoration materials,Do the Chinese own national brand! 

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The enterprise culture


We are value driven company,Is enthusiastic about his home life。We strive to provide more family economical household life decorative products,Not just for the few。Every product we make,Reflect the we create a better home life。It will function、Quality、Design、Value together,And always keep in mind the concept of sustainable development。

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Company introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology,Combining with independent intellectual property rights,Europe's scientific production technology combined with culture and arts of the east,The development of“Fry green ecological metope”。Both the leading European technology、The scientific nature、Security,And the exquisite and elegant、Classic and elegant、Rich Oriental verve!

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