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Luoyang open far intelligent precision machine co., LTD. Is founded2001Years,Based on the bearings and auto parts industry。Open far fine machine had been established continuously in response to customer requirements、Aiming at bearing manufacturing development at home and abroad the latest trend,Developed a series of test system with the characteristic of cutting-edge technology and automation testing separation equipment。Open far fine intelligent machine products、Automatically、High precision as the main technical characteristics。Always adhere to the open far fine machine"Perseverance、Develop to far"The entrepreneurial idea、Always adhere to the"Cutting edge、High cost performance、High reliability"The product research and development direction。 [The detailed information]
Bearing industry senior workshops leading experts to drive far intelligent inspection instruction

2018Years8Month30On the afternoon,Bearing industry senior workshops each enterprise leadership、Experts to drive far intelligent precision machine co., LTD. Visit the research,In my company series intelligent manufacturingMES/SPC/TPMProducts、Detection and assembly automation、Smart lab...

Has come in the future,In order to changed circumstances!Open far smarter2019The annual meeting of the joy in Spring Festival

2019Years1Month31Day,Open far smarter(CAYA)2019Annual meeting held in laughter in the warm Spring Festival。Also invited to attend the annual meeting of the staff to their families,The joy of feeling open far intelligent development together、Heartfelt thanks to accept open far team。Still fighting in tone...

Luoyang far intelligent fine machine co., LTD
The general manager:Du Honglin 13903792828
Domestic sales hotline:18838810968
Foreign sales hotline:18838810968
Purchasing office:0379-61292005
Address:Henan luoyang high-tech zone in binhe road96Number
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