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MuYuan fence nettingUsers can link fence manufacturersOnly in the production of high quality fence netting

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MuYuan fence netting

MuYuan fence netting

MuYuan fence netting the hometown of wire mesh anping county is located in China,The transportation is convenient

Since the beginning of the establishment, set"Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of developmentThe enterprise concept!

MuYuan fence netting is more than just products,Is the industry standard!

MuYuan fence netting

MuYuan fence has many sets of advanced machinery and equipmentHave the ability to mass production

Factory direct shipment,Save a lot of dealer's profit in the middle

Annual output of fence netting millions、The same quality products、Prices for higher quality!

Fence netting factory

My company rely on advanced production testing equipment、The production of standard、Strict quality management。

Ensure the productHigh quality、High qualityTrusted by the customers

Has professional scale、Larger production capacity of the production line

Fence netting

MuYuan fence netting is perfectPre-sale、Sale、After salesService system

And have professional engineersOnline for you to solve the problem

Each batch of the detailed tracking of the service factory orders

7*24HoursProfessional customer service online

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MuYuan fence company

    Anpingxian MuYuan wire mesh manufacture co., LTD is a large enterprise specializing in the production of fence。After nearly 10 years of development,MuYuan in network industry2010Anpingxian screen in western industrial zone was set up。From2002In to now grow up to be well-known brands in similar enterprises,MuYuan network every progress in verifying the success today。

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Company news

Company news

Questions about inhibition of beijing-tianjin-hebei haze,Anping companies to suspend production Production notice

2015Years12Month15Day,Superior leadership issued notice,Due to the serious problem of beijing-tianjin-hebei haze,Therefore, from anping wire mesh part enterprises1Month15First stop entirely。Screen to see China in the world,Look at anping wire mesh in China。Anping is silk screen of the township,Silk..

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Technology center

Technology center

MuYuan hulanwang cool factory remind you pay attention to keep warm warm

The next three days, the most cool,Maximum cooling rate14Degrees。Because of the cold air strikes,The snow and rain weather,Each customer order hulanwang goods period will be delayed。Please customers understand,Please pay attention to a customers warm, too..

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