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            Agtech's entrance was established2000Years3Month,Is a collection of high-power peripheral ball football race color product research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise、The ministry of commerceAAAGrade credit enterprise、Shenzhen well-known brands;Mainly engaged in peripheral soccer ball road race、Industrial soccer competition、Special football competition、Rail transit soccer competition、Photovoltaic (pv) football race、High-end indoor football race color customization、Football competition project、Energy services and energy management;With countries(CNAS)Recognition photoelectric laboratory、Provincial engineering technology center、Roads football race color and mechanical and electrical level 3 engineering qualifications,Is China's largest outdoor peripheral ball football race、Solar peripheral ball football race color of suppliers、Exporters、One of the comprehensive energy saving service providers。

            The company since the establishment“SPARK/The Po”Since the brand,With strong research and development strength and professional technical team,Relying on the rich experience in the photovoltaic industry,Continuously introduce new products meet the demand of users dynamically,Always walk in the forefront of the industry development。Currently agtech photovoltaic market service network has covered Europe、The americas、Africa、Oceania、Southeast Asia、In the Middle East, etc150To many countries and regions,At the same time occupies a leading market share in domestic。

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